Lili Schad

August 30, 1960 - December 20, 2015

A family thriller based on a true story
Feature / Widescreen / 99 minutes
Directed, Written and Produced by Lili Schad

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Betraying Reason is based on the true story of Black Bart the “Po8″, a Gold Rush bandit who robbed 28 Wells Fargo stage coaches with an empty gun, leaving nothing in his trail but rhymes. Reason Boles (John Pyper Ferguson: LOST, EVEREST, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA…) is slowly going mad as the ancient forest on his family’s ancestral land is put to the saw. As he intensifies his fight to stop the logging, Addy Pierce, fleeing her past with her young daughter Bell, runs her old station wagon off the road and into Reason’s struggle. Can they together solve the riddle of Black Bart’s buried fortune and buy back his land, or is violence the only solution?

•    World Premiere, Montreal International Film Festival (2003)
•    Official Selection, Wine Country Film Festival (2004)
•    Official Selection, Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival (2004)

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•     Worldwide distribution by Porchlight Entertainment
•     Canadian distribution by CHUM Television and Movie Central


Betraying Reason